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The consequence of this will be that the Football Association, any other body with the rights to show football matches, and any body with similar rights in relation to other sports, will no longer be able to sell those rights to licensed gambling operators We hope that they will see the wisdom of not attempting to sell those rights to unlicensed operators. (Paragraph 531) Direct marketing

Advertisements which are objectively seen as offering inducements to people to start or to continue gambling, or which create a sense of urgency about placing bets, should be banned. The Advertising Standards Authority and the Gambling Commission must act together to police this ban. (Paragraph 535) .

The licence conditions should be amended to prohibit operators from sending communications offering inducements to bet to individuals, or identifiable groups of individuals, unless they have agreed to take part in vIP schemes (by whatever name these are called) which satisfy the conditions currently in force or any stricter conditions which are imposed. (Paragraph 541) Research, education and treatment Funding of research, education and treatment.

We recommend that Ministers should forthwith exercise their powers under section 123(1) of the Act to require the holders of operating licences to pay to the Gambling Commission an annual levy sufficient to fund research, education, and treatment, including treatment provided by the NHS. (Paragraph 557)

Daniel Schmid

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